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Generational Shifts

We know that different generations have different habits and social patterns, and inevitably these shifts affect the arts — in habits of patronage, ways of participation, and means of communicating about the arts. Elyssa Jechow explores the emergence of Millenials, the new twentysomethings, and how their way of viewing the world will shape interactions between this generation and arts organizations.

She writes, “I have met plenty of arts administrators who are still frustrated with the fact that they’re having trouble continuing to attract the dreamed-about big dollar donations, but I think that maybe we need to come back down to reality and focus our efforts a bit more where they are going to start mattering the most. How do we begin to attract and leverage this newly-of-age generation of enthusiastic (yes, we really are) donors and patrons?” A good question indeed, and with this article we launch a new series in The Muse Dialogue, looking at changing demographics and the hard questions that lay ahead.

Click here to read the full text of her article, “Generational Shifts.”

Authoring an iPod Noir: An Interview with Gyda Arber

Our explorations of intersections between art and technology continues today in a TMD interview with Gyda Arber. Arber has created work in the genre of “iPod noir.” What is an iPod noir? Elyssa Jechow had the same question, and she shares the answer in “Authoring an iPod Noir: An Interview with Gyda Arber.” (click to view full interview)

Preserving Touchstones of the Past

by Elyssa Jechow

In our hurry to forge ahead in innovation and stay current with the rapid-fire exchange of information, we may neglect to slow down long enough to recognize the importance of tradition and its relevance to moving forward.

Elyssa Jechow contemplates the artistic legacies of the past, the small and everyday things from needlepoint to diary writing, and travels both the world of contemporary conservators and her own family history in the process. Take a reflective walk with her in “Preserving Touchstones of the Past” (click to view full article).

Is Fashion Art?

Alexander McQueen, Purple Flowers -- combining inspiration from nature, design, architecture, and fashion.

Famed French couturier Paul Poiret once said, “I have always liked painters. It seems to me that we are in the same trade and that they are my colleagues.” Yet fashion has had to struggle to gain that “collegiality” among the arts, being also seen as “the bastard child of capitalism and female vanity,” according to Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Elyssa Jechow contemplates the question of the claim of fashion as an art form, and its challenges, in our newest article from The Muse Dialogue: “Is Fashion Art?“

The Arts, Families and Children

The Muse Dialogue examines the role of the arts in families and the importance of the arts in the lives of children. Journey with us into questions of aesthetic education and more in Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Muse Dialogue: The Arts, Families and Children.

(Photo: Jan Leo)


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