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Some [Don’t] Like it Hot: A Perspective on Targeting Young Audiences, Part II

PittsburghKelly Englert continues her consideration of how younger generations are engaging older art forms. In the second part of her series, she takes the conversation to the world of opera, with consideration both for the Pittsburgh Opera and the Metropolitan Opera of New York City. The world of opera will need to adapt in order to engage these new audiences, but the question is how. Englert explores some of the changes and the considers the necessity of innovation in a world of art now centuries old.

Read more in, “Some [Don’t] Like it Hot: A Perspective on Targeting Young Audiences, Part II.” (click to view full article)

Some [Don't] Like It Hot: A Perspective on Targeting Young Audiences, Part I

Kate Aldrich as Carmen and Roger Honeywell as Don Jose in the Pittsburgh Opera production of Carmen (Photo: Pittsburgh Opera)

Kelly Englert continues our series on connecting younger generations with the arts. She explores the model of PITT ARTS, an initiative at the University of Pittsburgh, which cultivates arts experiences among students. She writes, “Some classical performance arts like ballet and opera have been around for centuries and still endure in our culture. However, as cultural gaps between generations grow wider and wider and new technologies constantly evolve our interests and the way we experience art and music, what does the near future hold for the fate of these and other “traditional” arts? Are these organizations successfully attracting a young audience?” Good questions indeed. Read on and share what she learned when she investigated possible answers in an innovative program that exists in order to connect young adults and the arts.

Click here to read the full text of her article.


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