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International Traditions and International Cultural Policies on Art (Vol. 1)

A Conservator’s Take on National Traditions

by Elyssa Jechow

Elyssa Jechow interviews Jessica Chloros, a conservator at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Chloros explains the importance of art conservation, and how it all relates to the preservation of our national traditions. Click here for the full interview.

India’s Museums and Galleries: A Definitive Divide

by Naina Singh

A qualitative difference has arisen between Indian art galleries and national museums. Join Naina Singh’s reflections on how private galleries have garnered acclaim and viability on the global art market, while India’s public museums have struggled in the face of bureaucracy and other challenges. Click here for the full article.

Preserving Touchstones of the Past

by Elyssa Jechow

In our hurry to forge ahead in innovation and stay current with the rapid-fire exchange of information, we may neglect to slow down long enough to recognize the importance of tradition and its relevance to moving forward. Elyssa Jechow contemplates the artistic legacies of the past, the small and everyday things in her article “Preserving Touchstones of the Past” (click to view full article).

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