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The Intrinsic Impact of Art on Community

Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate. Located in Millennium Park in Chicago. (Photo:

Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate. Located in Millennium Park in Chicago. (Photo:

Many arguments for art ground themselves on extrinsic impacts, economic growth for example, but for communities like individuals, the greatest impact is intrinsic. Just as we as individuals employ art to reflect on questions of substance and explore issues of curiosity and controversy, so too do entire communities find meaning, happiness, and collective identity through art. Yet not often enough do we value art in this way, and it is time that we should. Andrew Swensen writes, “Yes, art makes communities more fulfilled. And yes, a fortunate byproduct of that sensibility is improved economic prosperity. So let’s talk about making artful communities because of the intrinsic impact, and then be pleasantly grateful for the secondary extrinsic consequences that follow.” Fortunately, thanks to the shifting discourse of the 21st century, evident in integrated thinking of TED talks and with a little help from at least one neuroscientist, we may already be heading in the direction of a more unified view of artistic thinking as part of a healthy society.

Join us for our latest reflection on arts and society, “The Intrinsic Impact of Art on Community” (click here to read full article).

The Penny University: Tazza D’Oro Mixes Art and Business

Amy Enrico, Owner of Tazza D'Oro

Amy Enrico, Owner of Tazza D’Oro

As we reflect on the connection between art and business, we should consider the natural connection between them in the fact that both depend on innovation and creativity. They also flourish when we create an environment that feeds thought and imagination, that fuels dialogue and social exchange. The coffee house, once known as the “penny university,” is a microcosm for how to get it right. We trade ideas and learn. We meet new people and grow from fortunate encounters with others. We build community.

Tazza D’Oro, a coffee house in Pittsburgh, exemplifies all the good that comes when a business embraces the spirit of the arts. The result is an environment of creative ferment that feeds both the arts and the “learning organization” that businesses should strive to be. The Muse Dialogue takes a trip to Tazza D’Oro, to understand just how much comes of the intersection between arts and business in “The Penny University: Tazza D’Oro Mixes Art and Business” (click here to read full article).


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