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Talking Back to the Art Through New Technologies

ImageGiven that most of us are currently wedded to our smartphones, today’s marketers are changing their tactics to reflect the meteoric rise of mobile phone use worldwide. The arts world is not being left behind. Across the sector, the app development abounds, allowing visitors to museums and galleries to personalize their experiences with art, history, and culture.

Read on to hear what Laura Zwicker has found out about mobile app use in the arts world in “Talking Back to the Art Through New Technologies.” (Click to view full article.)

Film Festivals

The Harris Theater, owned by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and programmed primarily by Pittsburgh Filmmakers, is home to numerous local film festival screenings. (Photo: The Muse Dialogue)

The Muse Dialogues brings in the New Year with Vol. 1, No. 3: Film Festivals. This issue contains thoughts on the growing role of film festivals and their significance in the art of the moving image. And in case you were wondering what was the first film festival, the first US film festival, Or if you have asked what is SXSW and how many people were there last year, we have that covered here as well. For a table of contents, and article snapshots, click on  the link above or the image at right — Pittsburgh’s own Harris Theater.

As always, we look forward to your thoughts and welcome contributions on the subject. Enjoy!

Vol 1, No. 2: Chamber Music

A Performance by the chamber music trio, Chatham Baroque (photo credit: Chatham Baroque)

We are delighted to explore chamber music in this issue. Here we are less looking at the nuances of composers and more the role that chamber music has played and can continue to play in our lives — as music performed in public spaces, as music presented in concert, and finally as music that we  bring to life in our own homes. Join The Muse Dialogue for the second issue of our inaugural year: Chamber Music.

The Arts, Families and Children

The Muse Dialogue examines the role of the arts in families and the importance of the arts in the lives of children. Journey with us into questions of aesthetic education and more in Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Muse Dialogue: The Arts, Families and Children.

(Photo: Jan Leo)


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