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Taking Time to Listen: An Opinion on Introverts and the Arts

Emily Dickinson, introvert and artist

Emily Dickinson, introvert and artist

A thoughtful individual and a committed artist, Kristine Rominski is also an self-professed introvert. Introverts face particular challenges because the reality is that society favors extroversion in so many ways. An extrovert naturally gravitates to speaking up, to having their thoughts heard. Introverts, by contrast, may not draw attention to themselves because their nature may be more inclined to reticence. In the case of art-making this lack of natural gregariousness may impede having others recognize talent and beauty in the making. Introverts need a bit more time and a bit more attentive listening, and if we do not take the time to listen, we may just be missing out on something special.

In this article, Rominski takes a courageous step to open up and share her experience, a look inside the creative mind of one devoted to art but not necessarily inclined to speaking out. Take an extra moment to hear her words in “Taking Time to Listen: An Opinion on Introverts and the Arts” (click here to read the full article).

The Power of Will, The Power of Genius

Rominski photoWe have become so accustomed to characterizing art works as the product of “genius” that we may just overlook other qualities of character needed by their creators. The world of music gives us melodies and textures of sound that have us marveling at their beauty, their cleverness, and their expressiveness. Yet what was required to bring those sounds to life, to bring that impact on us?

In a new article from The Muse Dialogue, Kristine Rominski argues that although genius might be required, it is not the only necessary ingredient to great art. Perhaps not even the most important one. Rominski is a flutist currently in conservatory, and she offers a very personal look at the willpower behind musicianship. Her story considers the distractions of the contemporary age, the demands of consistent practice, and the content of character behind excellence.

For a special insight into the mind of the musician and the demands that they face in the solitude of the practice studio, join us for Kristine Rominski’s “The Power of Will, The Power of Genius” (click here to read full article).


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