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Usability vs. Design: The Artistry of the Functional

"On/Off" Design by Nina Tolstrup

“On/Off” Design by Nina Tolstrup

Kiran Lokhande explores the questions at the place where aesthetics meets utility. We are surrounded by devices, instruments and tools in all facets of our lives. Yet some also have high aesthetic appeal, and much thinking is pushing ever more to elevate their aesthetic function. Our cars, our computers, and even our alarm clocks are not merely useful. They have visual and tactile appeal, and designers are continuing to press the place of innovation where new products are both more aesthetically rich and more useful.

Lokhande has a look at interesting products and compelling thinkers in the world of design in The Muse Dialogue’s latest offering, “Usability vs. Design: The Artistry of the Functional” (click to view full article).


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