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Literary Arts

Vol. 1, No. 6: Poetry and Its Contemporary Relevance

Poetry does not seem to be one of our most conspicuously consumed art forms. In fact, it seems like many talk about it as something far removed, something they can’t “get,” or something they left behind when they read their last Shakespeare sonnet when a senior in high school. Like any kind of art, it is very complicated in execution. Because we cannot talk about art if the work is created without an idea: just a set of words. Even if we talk about specific genres, there is a clear idea, meaning and message. However, this doesn't mean that we should exclude poetry from "our life". It is possible to read, gain experience and create, and gain recognition, cheap ghostwriters for hire can help you with this. In this issue of The Muse Dialogue we stake our claims to the relevance of poetry and the richness that we might just be missing if we make up our mind too soon about just what poetry is.

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