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Generations, Arts, and Entrepreneurism – An Interview with Babs Carryer


Jillian Brinberg recently explored the question of generational shifts with Babs Carryer, an artist, educator, and former theater director. Carryer has some compelling thoughts to share on the subject of how changing generations are shaping the arts scene, and in particular she focuses on the increasing spirit of entrepreneurism that ever more characterizes the age. “I think we’re at the beginning of what I’d call the age of entrepreneurship,” she says, and in this age artists can benefit from seeing the connection between the creative energy of art making with the creative innovation that characterizes the entrepreneur.

Join Brinberg as she explores these questions with Carryer in a most intriguing dialogue, ” Generations, Arts, and Entrepreneurism – An Interview with Babs Carryer.” (click to read full interview)

Artistic Borrowing and the Anxiety of Influence

ImageJillian Brinberg contemplates the role of influence on arts creation. We all know that artists interact with their predecessors. On the small scale, that interaction may be a brief direct allusion to another work. More broadly, it might be the adaptation of an existing work, sampling a piece of music for a new work, or rethinking the staging of a play to a different time period. Brinberg explores the line when an adaptation crosses the lines of some individuals’ aesthetic sensibilities, and her case in mind is the recent production of Porgy and Bess. As she writes, the ethics of borrowing are “blurred,” and she searches to find where the line is before one goes too far.

Join her as she considers Artistic Borrowing and the Anxiety of Influence (click link to view full article).


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