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Further Resources on Film Festivals, in Pittsburgh, Nationally and Internationally

We encourage all to learn more about the festivals in Pittsburgh and around the world. For more resources, consult the links provided below.

Local Festivals

JFilm – The Pittsburgh Jewish Film Forum: JFilm hosts a festival each spring, featuring work of Israeli filmmakers as well as films of the Jewish diaspora. They also have programming throughout the rest of the year.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers: Many films that are “festival films” often make their way to Pittsburgh during the regular exhibition schedule of Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Filmmakers has three theaters programmed year-round, and so it is worth keeping an eye on their schedule at all times, in order to catch what has shown in Cannes, Sundance or elsewhere.

Pittsburgh Lesbian & Gay Film Society: PILGFF occurs annually in October and celebrates gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered writers, directors, actors and their work.

Russian Film Symposium: The Russian history in filmmaking is among the finest of any national traditions. That tradition continues to the present, and this short festival each June brings the year’s best to Pittsburgh.

Silk Screen Film Festival: Silk Screen presents Asian and Asian-American films in a ten-day festival each May. The festival covers a great breadth of cultural traditions, from the most populous Asian nations to the lesser known countries. Silk Screen also presents special-event screenings and events throughout the rest of the year.

Three Rivers Film Festival: The Three Rivers Film Festival, presented by Pittsburgh Filmmakers, is the centerpiece of the festival calendar in Pittsburgh. The best of international cinema, independent filmmakers, documentaries and experimental work come to Pittsburgh each November. It also provides a venue for promoting local filmmakers and their recent works.

Traveling Festivals that Visit Pittsburgh

Ann Arbor Film Festival: The Ann Arbor Film Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. A long tradition of innovative work here, brought to Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Banff Mountain Film Festival: In case you are looking to combine your taste for film with a taste for wilderness and world travel, Banff is for you. Brought to Pittsburgh by Venture Outdoors.

Black Maria Film Festival: A festival with a long history, with particular commitment to short forms of film and video. Brought to Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Regional Film Festivals

Cleveland International Film Festival: CIFF is an exceptional forum of international cinema, and an easy two-hour drive from Pittsburgh — and well worth the modest effort.

FilmFest DC: Washington’s film festival, with a strong international flavor.

National and International Festivals

Cannes International Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival


Toronto International Film Festival

Venice Biennale

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