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The Best of What You May Have Missed

We continue our year in review today, reposting our second issue: Chamber Music. Chamber music is a fascinating case in the arts. It is type of performance that brings art into intimate settings and encourages personal involvement. At the same time, it is an older art form that now faces a new age of changing tastes and changing technology. Read on for some fascinating writing on the arts, brought to you with pleasure by The Muse Dialogue.

Click here to view the table of contents for Vol. 1, No. 2: Chamber Music

“Museums are particularly at fault for not implementing technology. The core of our mission is to ‘preserve old stuff.’ I think there is a fear that technology will outshine the art. In reality, it should augment the art or the visit – put the artwork at the center of the experience.”

The words belong to Joshua Jefferey, Manager of Digital Engagement at the Andy Warhol Museum. Today The Muse Dialogue issues an original interview with him as he discusses new technologies, the museum experience, and the Warhol Museum’s new app. Click here to read the full interview



Culinary Compositions

A food and color curation by Emilie Griottes.

Food certainly has a visual element to its artistry. The appeal of food to the sense of sight has expanded ever more in the contemporary world of media, with beautiful dishes available on cable channels and online viewing. Yet at the end of the day, it is still the taste that matters, is it not? In today’s article from The Muse Dialogue, Naina Singh looks at the balance of sight and taste as she reflects on “Culinary Compositions.” (click link to read the full article, and have a sight of things that must taste good!)

Revisiting Our First Issue: Arts, Families and Children

Self-portrait silverpoint drawing by Albrecht Durer, age 13, 1484

We will be spending some time this summer to revisit issues over the course of our first year. Today we repost what has been one of our most popular series of articles, from Vol. 1, No. 1: Arts, Families and Children. (click to view table of contents for the issue)


Food, Second Among the Arts

Art is meant to stir the senses, and neither a ballet not a bas relief can rival the sensation of cracking through the sweet glass of creme brulee to probe the embarrassing riches below. Not that pedigreed desserts with foreign names are the only convincing examples of food’s sensory superiority. There are those who prefer poetry over painting, but everyone would rather have a donut.

Food writer and longstanding aesthete Aaron Kagan composes our latest article “Food, Second Among the Arts” (click to read full text).


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