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Artists, Craftsmen…and the Craft of Art

photo-2Virgil once wrote, “Practice and thought might gradually form many an art.” Indeed one wonders how much of artmaking can be attributed to questions of craft, that is, to those things that one can practice and improve with dedication and commitment. Yet how much of art is in the craft? When does the focus on craft impede the expression of the art?

A trumpet player now entering a life as a professional artist, Erin Yanacek contemplates the questions of where art and craft intersect. A trip to a local arts and crafts store creates a touchstone for reflection on her education and on the future of her artistry. Read a fascinating look inside the mind of an artist in Yanacek’s “Artists, Craftsmen…and the Craft of Art” (click to view full article).


Usability vs. Design: The Artistry of the Functional

"On/Off" Design by Nina Tolstrup

“On/Off” Design by Nina Tolstrup

Kiran Lokhande explores the questions at the place where aesthetics meets utility. We are surrounded by devices, instruments and tools in all facets of our lives. Yet some also have high aesthetic appeal, and much thinking is pushing ever more to elevate their aesthetic function. Our cars, our computers, and even our alarm clocks are not merely useful. They have visual and tactile appeal, and designers are continuing to press the place of innovation where new products are both more aesthetically rich and more useful.

Lokhande has a look at interesting products and compelling thinkers in the world of design in The Muse Dialogue’s latest offering, “Usability vs. Design: The Artistry of the Functional” (click to view full article).

Some [Don’t] Like it Hot: A Perspective on Targeting Young Audiences, Part II

PittsburghKelly Englert continues her consideration of how younger generations are engaging older art forms. In the second part of her series, she takes the conversation to the world of opera, with consideration both for the Pittsburgh Opera and the Metropolitan Opera of New York City. The world of opera will need to adapt in order to engage these new audiences, but the question is how. Englert explores some of the changes and the considers the necessity of innovation in a world of art now centuries old.

Read more in, “Some [Don’t] Like it Hot: A Perspective on Targeting Young Audiences, Part II.” (click to view full article)

Generations, Arts, and Entrepreneurism – An Interview with Babs Carryer


Jillian Brinberg recently explored the question of generational shifts with Babs Carryer, an artist, educator, and former theater director. Carryer has some compelling thoughts to share on the subject of how changing generations are shaping the arts scene, and in particular she focuses on the increasing spirit of entrepreneurism that ever more characterizes the age. “I think we’re at the beginning of what I’d call the age of entrepreneurship,” she says, and in this age artists can benefit from seeing the connection between the creative energy of art making with the creative innovation that characterizes the entrepreneur.

Join Brinberg as she explores these questions with Carryer in a most intriguing dialogue, ” Generations, Arts, and Entrepreneurism – An Interview with Babs Carryer.” (click to read full interview)


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