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The Muse Dialogue, Our Tale

Paul Gauguin, Where Do We Come From, What Are We, Where Are We Going (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Paul Gauguin, Where Do We Come From, What Are We, Where Are We Going (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

The Muse Dialogue began with the idea to share discoveries on the arts, take risks in writing, and express a love for what art achieves for us personally and collectively. In the article linked below, Andrew Swensen takes a moment to explain the history behind the creation of The Muse Dialogue and discuss its guiding philosophy. We write this piece with thanks to all who have visited our articles and who celebrate art in the world.

Read “The Muse Dialogue, Our Tale” (click here for full article)

A Day in the Life of El Sistema

IMG_1055The Muse Dialogue heads into our third year by continuing our ongoing series on El Sistema. El Sistema is an arts venture with high ideals and ambitious goals: the transformation of young lives and whole communities through instruction in classical music. Annie Gordon has been composing this series on El Sistema by looking at its worldwide growth and by examining specific organizations in several cities. This past summer she committed herself to getting to know El Sistema in a very personal way. A conservatory-trained flutist, Gordon traveled to Cincinnati to work with MYCincinnati, an El Sistema-inspired program. In this fifth article in the series, Gordon gives us a look into what it takes to run El Sistema on a day-to-day basis and what is the experience of children participating in it.

Take a moment to learn about artists and children committed to music, to learning, and to their community in Annie Gordon’s “A Day in the Life of El Sistema” (click here to read the full article).


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