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Build the Experience to Build the Art

A case study in effective audience engagement, and building an experience.

A case study in effective audience engagement, and building an experience.

A great deal of research has indicated that arts audiences are increasingly seeking an experience in their encounters with arts. That could include integrating a social experience with a performing arts program, or perhaps an enriched experience of interacting with artists. Whatever the case, the focus is on changing the nature of interaction between the audience and work, and between the audience and artists. In the case of classical music, there are many long-standing traditions in how work is presented, and Colin Pinto-Martin argues that it is time to change them.

In this article from The Muse Dialogue, Pinto-Martin says that innovation is long overdue, and especially innovation in providing a total experience for concert audiences. He writes, “Building a relationship outside of the concert hall is essential. If you want to reach people in their 20s, then you need to meet them where they are, which might mean a jam session in a club. If you want children, then you need to get into the schools more.” As he writes, you may even need to learn a lesson from some unlikely sources — a little pizza delivery might help too.

Colin Pinto-Martin offers some insight and heartfelt opinions in “Build the Experience to Build the Art” (click her to read full article).

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