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Artists, Athletes, and the Passion to Excel

Erin Yanacek (Photo: Jon Pratt)

Erin Yanacek (Photo: Jon Pratt)

Erin Yanacek, trumpet player and cyclist, explores the connection between her experiences as an artist and as an athlete. She finds a number of similarities, and in particular the mental space of each activity requires a level of focus that brings an individual an uncommon clarity. She writes, “The idea of a masterful musician’s mindset is not unlike the mindset of an athlete in a competition. Levels of focus and awareness are raised to a seemingly electric state.”

If you have not already read this article — we released it last week but are only posting it to the homepage now — it is a fascinating look into the psychology of artistic creation. Join The Muse Dialogue for Yanacek’s “Artists, Athletes, and the Passion to Excel” (click here to read full article).

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    An excellent way to put across parallels


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