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Public Art, Further Resources

Pittsburgh has abundant public art. To get you started, we recommend the walking tours of downtown and Oakland, which the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council has made available online.

Katz Plaza, with sculpture by Louise Bourgeois (Photo: The Muse Dialogue)

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Office of Public Art The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council has a number of resources for public art, including announcements for artist proposals, updates to the local public art scene, and images of select works.

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Public Art Resources A list of resources for other cities, and for organizations involved in public art.

Sprout Fund The Sprout Fund has supported the creation of murals throughout the city. A tour of the Sprout murals is a good way to get to the city’s many neighborhoods and see how the city can function as a canvas and gallery — what they call a “museum without walls.”

Finally, it would seem only natural to include links to some individuals who have been at the center of the debate regarding street art, Banksy and Shepard Fairey. We encourage all to see one of the most compelling films in contemporary art — both as a work of art itself and as a commentary on contemporary artists — Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Banksy, Riot

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